Baby Concerts

Cushion concert “O Canto da Baleia” (The song of the whale), from 1 year

Baby Concert

This concert format is conceptualised for children from 1 year and accompanying adults. We make ourselves comfortable on the pillows, listen to the wind and the waves and dive together into a wonderful underwater world, full of new sounds. We meet fish, whales and mermaids, who tell us their stories – happy and sad ones, like the one from the sailor, who wanted to emigrate to America … We even get into a storm, before we return safely to the harbour.
With an eclectic repertoire, combining European Folklore, Brazilian Rhythms, Baroque Virtuosity and refined improvisational moments, the two musicians weave a sensual artistic thread through their aquatic adventure. In interactive moments, we provide lyrics and rhythms to the accompanying adults and let the young audience to be part of the concert, exploring sounds and movements.
Let’s dive together!
With: Kristina Van de Sand (violin, guitar, vocals) | Elena La Conte (flute, percussion, vocals)
Duration: 45 min