We are experienced music, dance and arts teacher and offer a range of Workshops destined to children, families and pedagogues. We offer these workshops in combination with a performance of our productions, exploring different themes, such as:

  • sustainability in music and arts – using recycling materials in different contexts
  • live illustration and animation on an overhead projector
  • African, European and Latin American Folklore
  • Music and Movement
  • creating interdisciplinary performances with (pre) school children

Since 2019, we realized a series of Workshops at:

  • Musikschule Hildesheim (Masterclass for the conservatory pedagogues)
  • KiTa Lemwerder (Music Workshops for preschool children and pedagogues)
  • GWA St. Pauli (Music Workshops for families)
  • Festival Bairro do Intendente em Festa (Interactive Baby Concert, Recycling Arts Workshop)
  • Play School Cascais (Interactive Concert for PreSchool Children)
  • Academia Inatel (Workshops Dance, Music and Arts for children age 5+)
  • Museu da Marioneta (Art Workshop with Music for children age 4+)
  • Deutsche Schule Lissabon (Music and Art Workshops for school children, age 6+)